Sugar Beez offers custom cookies and printed cookies. All cookies are sugar cookies with vanilla royal icing and are between 3-4 inches in size. Our prices may vary depending on the size, details, complexity, and intricacy of your cookies.  For an accurate and personalized price, please contact us for a quote today.


⏺  $54 per dozen base price. 
⏺  Two week minimum notice. Orders requested with less than two week notice are subject to additional charges.
⏺  One dozen minimum.
⏺  All cookies are packaged individually and boxed for your convenience!
⏺  Payment due at time of order



Square scalloped cookie with Amazon logo and smile printed on white icing.
  • Custom simple cookies: Pricing for simple cookies begin at $54 per dozen, depending on theme. 2 colors, plus white. Up to 3 designs per dozen.
  • May add a mix of printed with piped embellishments.
  • This is perfect if you want custom cookies, but don't need a ton of designs or details!
  • Minimum 2 dozen.
  • Custom detailed cookies: Pricing for detailed cookies average $57 per dozen, depending on theme.
  • Unlimited colors! This is perfect if you want all the details, including complex designs, such as portraits, florals, metallics (gold, silver, rose gold), lettering, or those that involve multi layer icing.
  • Minimum 3 dozen.
  • These cookies are printed using an FDA approved direct to food edible ink printer.
  • These are a great option for any printed designs, such as logos, your friend’s face for gag gifts, wedding monograms, etc.
  • These can be printed on a square, circle, or rectangle shape. I can also print on any custom shapes (ex: face shape) at an extra charge.
  • Minimum 1 dozen.
  • Pricing starts at $4 per regular sized cookie.








Our calendar fills quick. Please fill out a quote to inquire if we are available for your special event
Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.