Cookie Photo Booth For Any Event

Are you looking for that IT factor to put your event over the top? Look no further! These cookies on their own are a hit, but with your friends and loved one's faces on the cookies, they will be the talk of the event! 
What is a Cookie Photo Booth?
A cookie Photo Booth is just as it sounds! We take the pictures and then PRINT them onto the cookies! Your guests can take them home in a box, or eat them on the spot! You will, of course, get copies of all the pictures taken at your event!
How does it work?
We have an FDA approved direct-to-food printer that allows us to take the image (on our iPad and tripod) and print it directly onto our delicious cookie!
What's included?
  • Travel to your event (additional fee may be applied depending on distance of event), set up and take down. 
  • Delicious sugar cookies with royal icing (vegan and gluten free options are also available for an additional fee). 1-2 cookies per guest are recommended.
  • 3-6 hours of service, personal Photo Booth attendant, photo taking and live on-site printing onto the amazing cookies (did we mention they're great?!)

  • Customizable template for the cookie- we cannot wait to make your event personal!

  • Individual cookie boxes (with a window to show off their gorgeous cookies!) for any guests that would like to bring their cookie home


For an additional cost, we can bring a BACKDROP, and you can add on EXTRA TIME!

What kind of event are we talking about?

We can come to ANY type of event! Corporate event, bridal shower, baby shower, wedding, wedding shower, just because. If there's a party, we will come!


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