Why Custom Logo Cookies?

Do you remember which company last gave you a pen or calendar?  Branded promotional items are an important part of marketing your business, but the truth is “88% of all business cards handed out get thrown away within a week”, and pens are cheap swag you are wasting your money on that also contribute to environmental waste and pollution.  Statistics show 15% of branded gifts are thrown away, 18% filed away and forgotten, and 67% given away.

Logo cookies are a novel item and attention grabbing!  And oooohhhh so social media worthy!  Logo cookies will make your company stand out in the sea of branded swag.

Remember, everyone has a cell phone and social media.  They will take pictures and share your custom logo cookies to their social media, therefore promoting your business long after the cookie has been consumed!  Have you seen the hashtags on Instagram?  #instayum has 4.9 million posts, #logocookies has 40,000 posts and #corporategifts a whopping 703,000 posts!  


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