About Sugar Beez

Our Story

We run our business with the belief that everyone deserves cookies that are unique, look and taste great.  We use only high-quality ingredients to create beautiful and delicious treats for our customers.  We ship cookies all over the United States and we have even had an order or two ship Internationally.

We have worked with our fair share of famous friends.  Sugar Beez has worked with Michelle Garcia from Bleeding Heart Bakery, done business with Broadway in Chicago and even made cookies for Pete Wentz’s clothing line Clandestine Industries. You can take a look around our site or place your order here.  We look forward to working with you.



Cookie Superhero

I’m Tracy and I am a cookie Super Hero!  I created Sugar Beez after I found myself struggling to make ends meet.  I needed to make money and Sugar Beez was started as a way for me to do that and still be able to raise my children.  I wanted to do something that would help my self esteem, make me feel special by using the skill I had worked hard to develop, and be recognized as someone with a special talent.  I like that when I’m working on cookies my stresses have no room in my head…I work peacefully and enjoy what I’m doing. All 5 of my daughters help in one way or another, how great is that?  To have your family not only supportive of what you do and love, but actually taking part, lending a hand and enjoying it too!  Not only have I created something that can help to support myself and my children, but it actually includes them in the process.  There really is no bad day at the office when your office is a kitchen full of delicious smelling cookies, sweet icing and brilliant food colors!